Getting Prepared

_dsc7759_fbI have read so much about what you need to take newborn photos and how to take them that I really had to try to control what I needed to go out and buy.

I started out on Amazon purchasing a couple of newborn wraps one in gray and one in navy blue.  Of course we needed a bean bag chair so we ordered that right up too.  I also needed one of those cute outfits with just the pants and the hat for him.

Then my daughter and I along with the kids headed over to Marshall’s.  We found a couple of really nice blankets to use along with many items to put him into.  I ended up spending about $150 there.

So keep in mind I already owned my camera and lenses as well as a backdrop stand.  I’ve also had about 20 months since my attempt with my first granddaughter to read everything I could about photography (lighting, posing etc.) and learning how to use editing software.

Now to put everything I have learned to practice!


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