How I took the photos (part 2)

At this point we have put Charlotte in for her nap since she wasn’t in the mood for family photos at this time.  Dad had gone to work and now it is just me and my daughter.

I’m using a Nikon D750 am my 50 mm 1.8.  We moved some furniture so we could be closest to the sliding glass doors for our lighting.  Once I get LJ all wrapped up we start to get some photos of him on the mohair blanket with a black laminate wood floor we set up underneath it. (shot at f5 ss160 using auto iso)


We basically took whatever we could with him using props on the floor before we moved on to trying to get some using the beanbag chair.  Yes even the dog wanted to be a part of it all!  I found that blue box with the legs and the chalkboard front at Marshall’s as well.  I added the text to the front of it in Photoshop.


Once we were done with these we got out the bean bag chair and the backdrop stand.  Since we ordered the beanbag chair instead of one of those baby posers I ended up bunching it up on the bottom and clamping it so the chair would be more solid and keep him from sinking into it too much.  We used clamps to hold the blanket up onto the backdrop stand as well.


Well after 4 hours of taking photos and 2 days of going through about 450 pictures and doing some edits in lightroom and Photoshop these are a few of my favorites.


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