Photographs from the other day

I haven’t been out in a while with the camera so I ventred out to Belmont Lake on Saturday as well as Captree to get some photos.  I knew the Hunter’s moon would be good to capture rising that night.

I started out at Belmont Lake.  There were many ducks and geese as well as 2 swans when we got there.


The leaves are finally getting some color here too.  I was hoping to do some long exposure photos.  I will have to head out again because I left them at home that day.



We left the park with plenty of time before sunset was coming and headed over to Captree to get some sunset and moon rise pictures.


I brought my Sigma 150-500 with me since I knew if I really zoomed in it the moon it would look much larger.  I also realized I need to get my camera cleaned because I had to remove so many spots from this image in Lightroom.  This one was taken at 500mm


I took this one with the same lens but had it at 150mm iso100/f22/1.3ss

I got this last one of the bridge heading over to Robert Moses right before we left for the night.  I used my 24-120 iso100/f14/30 sec ss at 38 mmedited-in-photoshop-109_blog_sm

Next time I plan to go out to capture some long exposure images with the ND filter and see what I come up with.


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