Milky Way Photography

The Milky Way is back and even though the core isn’t really visible until about 2 AM right now it is certainly worth getting up in the middle of the night to take the hour and a half drive out to Montauk Point to photograph it.

This is my first year heading out East to capture images but well worth it since the sky’s are so much darker out at the end of Long Island.

This image was from my second trip out and I tried something different this time for editing.  I made sure that I had enough photos so I would be able to stack them together in Photoshop using median stack mode.

This is the image before I did any editing to it.  I took 6 images with my Nikon D750 and the 24-120 f4 lens.  My settings were ISO 1600 f/4.0 15.0 Sec at 24mm.  I don’t normally use this lens or these settings but I figured I would give it a try and see how it went.  I did end up switching over to my 14mm Rokinon since it has a lower fstop of 2.8.


I edited this one in Lightroom first and then synced the other 5 images so they were all the same before moving them into Photoshop.

This is the image after my Lightroom edits were done –


At this point I selected all of the edited images and opened them as layers in Photoshop. This is where things got a bit complicated for me since I don’t venture into Photoshop very often except to remove distracting objects from my images.  I watched this video  many times on YouTube from Lonely Speck and then I was finally able to stack my images.  I could really spend hours going through this website reading and watching everything that Ian Norman and Diana Southern have posted there.

So this is my final image from that night but I will be heading out one more time this weekend so hopefully we will have some clear skies.  Some things I find helpful to have/use are flashlight with a red light, remote cable release, tripod, extra battery for my camera, extra memory cards and a good app to know where to find the Milky Way and plan everything out that I use is PhotoPills

Milky Way at Montauk

Milky Way at Montauk


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