Beautiful Places To Camp

Lake Seminole, GA

Have you ever camped at an Army Corps of Engineer campground? If not, you certainly should consider staying at one because the ones we have stayed at so far have been beautiful.

“COE campgrounds are┬ámanaged by the United States military to maintain public water sources. These campgrounds help complete recreation areas that consist of 41,188 miles of shoreline, 3,572 miles of trails, 91,583 campsites, and 3,713 boat ramps, according to the United States Army Corps of Engineers”.

These campgrounds are not strictly for military members. Anyone can camp at a Corps of Engineer campground also known as COE. You can visit to see where these campgrounds are and make reservations. You can select the dates you would like to make a reservation as well as the equipment you will be camping in. Tent, RV etc.. and then apply those filters. You will then see a list of sites and if they are available for the dates you are looking for.


If you are disabled you can get a lifetime pass from USGS which will save you 50% off or if you are a senior you can purchase either a lifetime or annual pass from USGS to receive the discount.

The image above was taken while we were staying at Eastbank on Lake Seminole near Bainbridge, Georgia. Our site was right on the water! We already have a our fist 2 reservations for the fall set up since site reservations open up 6 months out.

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